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Car Club - Connect by Hertz

Connect by Hertz is a new offering by the global rental company, hertz and they already have numerous outlets across Europe and the United States and it's only recently that this company has started offering their vehicles available in Britain. At this moment in time, they operate only in London.

Connect by Hertz is backed by one of the biggest names in vehicle rental, and there are already well over 50 locations throughout the capital where you can take advantage of a Connect by Hertz car. However, the question many are asking is, are they any good?

Connect by Hertz offers a number of pricing plans which are just as good if not better than some of the competition. At the minute, they even have a free membership promotion going on which waves the initial 50 membership fee, making them possibly the cheapest. Almost anyone with a license and a credit/debit card can join.

Unlike other car clubs, Connect by Hertz charges per model instead of vehicle 'type'. While we love the fact that they have loads of cars available, pricing can get a little complicated. At the minute, the cheapest car club vehicle they have is a Ford Fiesta, while the most expensive is a Mini Cooper.

Rentals for the cars start at around 3.96 an hour and prices go up to around 5 per hour. The rental includes car insurance, breakdown assistance and free fuel. It's all pretty typical really. Unlike much of the competition, Connect by Hertz took a look at the market and designed a range of car club vehicles that people would want. For the younger generation, the Mini Cooper is available, and for the more practically minded, both the Ford Fiesta and Ford focus are on offer.

Where Connect by Hertz really starts to shine however, is in the fact that their daily rates are a steal at just 31.60 for a Ford Fiesta, puts them cheaper than many traditional hire companies too! Their hourly rate is also amongst the lowest throughout the country, and while their fuel allowance isn't the greatest at just 30 miles, their 25p per mile overage charge isn't too bad.

Ultimately however, Connect by Hertz is still young, and while at the minute they don't have a substantial presence throughout the UK, they are certainly doing their best to take London by storm. The general consensus so far is that they're another example of how car clubs are revolutionizing the way people use vehicles.

Connect by Hertz may be an unassuming and quiet car club, but it's sure to see that in the near future they may very well turn into a global giant now that their business model has proven a success in the United Kingdom, United States and also parts of Europe. The question is however, do they have what it takes to rival the market leaders?

We'll let you find out.

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