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The Benefits Of Car Clubs

Using Car Clubs to save money and the planet

Car clubs are perhaps the latest craze that's sweeping the country, and it's clear for all to see that it's an innovative idea that merges technology with affordability and economy, providing people the chance to take advantage of the cost saving benefits a communal car can bring. However, just what are the benefits of car clubs?

Perhaps the main attraction about what are the benefits of car clubs is that car clubs present an opportunity to save a great deal of money. For occasional car usage such as visiting a distant relative or going for a job interview, many people mention that that using a car club gives them the chance to avoid purchasing a vehicle but the assurance of knowing ones available.

When researching just what are the benefits of car clubs to individuals, we also discovered that people also like the fact that car club vehicles are available almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that instead of having to wait for the car rental place to open, they can book their vehicle online and go collect it within minutes.

In retrospect, when looking at exactly what are the benefits of car clubs compared to their drawbacks we found almost none. Typically a car club vehicle is members-only, and members are forced to pay a premium of around 20 per month. This can be cheaper than road tax and insurance! However, one drawback we noticed is that while it presents a great opportunity to save money, users that do a great deal of mileage per year, i.e. 20,000 miles or more may save money with a private vehicle.

Typically however, car clubs prevent great cost saving s opportunities to everyone, with thousands already available throughout the country.

It's not just home users that stand to benefit from car clubs. There is also the opportunity for businesses to exploit the flexibility they provide. However, just what are the benefits of car clubs to businesses? Primarily it avoids the cost of vehicle hire, corporate insurance and owning vehicles which may seldom be used. With a corporate car club membership, businesses can have car club vehicles parked right next to their business ready for use. No more paperwork, fuel bills and problems.

Lastly, when looking at what are the benefits of car clubs, the fact is that while they cut down on vehicle ownership, this also means that they cut down on emissions. Every car on the road is causing pollution, not just in its everyday running, but with its manufacturing too. By using a car club vehicle, you get to use a car only when you need it. When looking at what are the benefits of car clubs, then it's also been estimated that every car club vehicle could take eight private cars off the road.

If this isn't a great incentive to start saving money and becoming more environmentally friendly, then what is? Car clubs are a fantastic idea and something you really should try!

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